10. What is SAAS

What is SAAS

SAAS is one of the computing models. Do check my blog on PAAS (do read). SAAS is Software as a service. Looking at the layers, AWS takes care of all layers – infra, management, etc. As SAAS offering you only need to take care of how to access and manage the user data. As a user, you will be accessing SAAS on-demand over the internet


  1. AWS would be taking care of all layers
  2. Easy to use and setup
  3. Scaling is easy
  4. No upfront cost
  5. security
  6. Rapid development
  7. on-demand access to software
  8. Real-time data and analytics
  9. Easy integrations
  10. Can have subscription-based on-boarding for users


  1. Netflix
  2. Slack web app
  3. Cloud

Pros and Cons

No upfront costNo access to underlying layers
Low costDependent on vendor
Ease of developmentLocked with vendor
automatic updates

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