12. [Hands-on] How to create a bucket in S3

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In this blog, we will do hands-on. We will learn how to make an S3 bucket.

What is S3?

1 . S3 is a Simple Storage Service

2. S3 is used to store the object (key/value) data

3. S3 is a global service

4. In S3, we create buckets. Buckets are like folders. They are regional

5. Buckets contain the files.

6. Buckets are key, and content is valuable in it

7. One of the uses of the S3 is to hold static content such as images, HTML pages, CSS, and JavaScript.

8. You can save from 0 to 5GB of data

9. By default buckets are private and cannot be accessed outside.

10. To make buckets public one needs to allow it by setting the policy.

pre-requisitesAccess to AWS Console
AWS Services usedS3
Programming KnowledgeNot required
GitHub LinkNA

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