21. What is IAAS

IAAS is known as Infrastructure as a service. It is one of the layers of the popular computing model. IAAS is about virtualized computing resources, such as servers, storage, and networking, over the internet . With IaaS, users can rent these resources on a pay-per-use basis, rather than having to purchase and maintain their own physical infrastructure. This allows for greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in managing IT resources.

Use cases for IaaS

IaaS can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the user. Some common use cases for IaaS include:

  • Web hosting: IaaS can be used to host websites and web applications, providing the necessary computing resources to handle traffic and maintain uptime.
  • Development and testing: IaaS can provide a cost-effective way to test and develop applications, without the need for on-premises infrastructure.
  • Big data processing: IaaS can be used to process and store large amounts of data, which can be analyzed to gain insights and inform business decisions.


IaaS providers typically offer a range of features and services to support their customers. Some of the key features of IaaS include:

  • Virtualization: IaaS relies on virtualization technology to create virtual machines, which can be used to run applications and store data.
  • On-demand scalability: With IaaS, users can quickly and easily scale their computing resources up or down as needed, based on changes in demand.
  • Self-service: IaaS providers typically offer self-service portals or APIs, which allow users to provision and manage their own computing resources.
  • Pay-per-use pricing: IaaS users only pay for the computing resources they use, based on an hourly or monthly rate.


  • VMWare
  • DigitalOcean
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a popular cloud computing model that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. With its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, IaaS can be an attractive option for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re looking to host a website, develop an application, or process big data, IaaS can provide the computing resources you need, without the need for on-premises infrastructure.

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