21. What is IAAS

IAAS is known as Infrastructure as a service. It is one of the layers of the popular computing model. IAAS is about virtualized computing resources, such as servers, storage, and networking, over the internet . More

[20] 5 AWS Beginner projects for Front-end developers

If you’re a front-end developer looking to expand your skills and knowledge, AWS provides an excellent opportunity to do so. With a range of beginner projects available, you can start learning about cloud computing and how to incorporate AWS services into your development projects.More

[19] From where to Learn AWS as a beginner?

When I started learning AWS the first question was – “From where I can learn AWS?”. Trust me this is still the most asked question to me. There are a lot of resources available from official (AWS) to individual resources. I will share a few resources ( which I followed for your reference) Happy Learning!!More

17. How to Learn cloud in 2023

Follow these steps to learn more about cloud computing in 2023. 1 . Start by learning the basics of cloud computing. This includes understanding different types of cloud services such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). Benefits and challenges of using the cloud. 2…More

16. [Hands-on] How to enable Cross-Region Replication on S3

CRR (cross-region replication) enables copying one bucket to another region. This helps in having a backup and enables DR (disaster recovery) pre-requisites Access to AWS Console, S3 Bucket Level Beginner AWS Services used S3 Programming Knowledge Not requiredMore

14. [Hands-On] Enable Versioning for your static website or S3 bucket

Why versioning? 1 . Good practice for production buckets 2. Keep the history of the files 3. A copy of the file is available if got accidentally deleted Cost It will impact the billing pre-requisites Access to AWS Console, Hosted website onS3 Level Beginner AWS Services used S3 Programming Knowledge Not requiredMore

12. [Hands-on] How to create a bucket in S3

In this blog, we will do hands-on. We will learn how to make an S3 bucket. What is S3? 1 . S3 is a Simple Storage Service 2. S3 is used to store the object (key/value) data 3. S3 is a global service 4. In S3, we create buckets. Buckets are like folders. They are…More