11. Roadmap for front-end developers to learn cloud

You are a front-end developer and planning to learn the cloud. However, you have no idea where to start? Then this blog is for you. Cloud is very vast and has more than 100+ services. As a FE or an engineer without any clear plan, it would be impossible to navigate through the cloud. I…More

10. What is SAAS

What is SAAS SAAS is one of the computing models. Do check my blog on PAAS (do read). SAAS is Software as a service. Looking at the layers, AWS takes care of all layers – infra, management, etc. As SAAS offering you only need to take care of how to access and manage the user…More

9. What is the Security Group in AWS?

What? A security group act as a basic virtual firewall for your instances. It helps in managing the traffic to your instances (EC2). You can only set ‘allow‘ rules for inbound (incoming traffic) and outbound (outgoing traffic) rules. There are no DENY rules This is stateful, What it means? By default, you won’t have any…More

8. What is PAAS – Platform as a service

Cloud has 3 types of computing Models : Always remember that cloud is a shared responsibility between cloud vendors and developers. Cloud is made up of 7 layers: 9. Application 8. Data 7. Runtime 6. Middleware 5. operating System 4. Virtualization 3. Servers 2. Storage 1. Hardware As the cloud is a shared responsibility, with…More

7. How to start with your Cloud Journey?

I was getting the question – “From where to start learning cloud?” You are new to tech and wanted to learn the cloud. You are an experienced front-end developer and now want to learn a new skill – cloud You are a backend developer and now want to learn a new skill – cloud You…More

6. AWS Services must for Front-end developers – Part 1

If you are a front-end developer and are confused about which service from AWS to learn and how it will help in your front-end career then this blog is for you. Before you jump into the services a few important things you need to do or should be aware of are how to login to…More

5. Introduction to Database

What is a Database: A database is a system to efficiently stores, retrieves, and searches data. A database can be imagined as an organised way of storing the data of any application. Features *not all databases provide it. Why Database Popular database Type of database RDBMS vs NoSQL RDBMS NoSQL (Not Only SQL) Example MySQL,…More

4. How to pick your database

One of the most asked questions for system design is – “Which storage mechanism/database you will pick for the problem?” If you are going to answer that I know X database. Hence, I would like to go with X, it would be the WRONG answer. Neither you should be talking in terms of any database…More

3. Introduction to EC2

As a beginner in the AWS world, you would hear a lot about EC2. In this blog, I will try to explain to you what is EC2 and its concepts of it. Here is the agenda What is compute? Compute is like a brain. It takes care of the computing or processing tasks. In a…More

2. Things I wish I knew when I started learning cloud

A few years back I decided to upskill. Throughout my career, I stayed in the front-end domain and worked limited in the back-end. When I started my cloud journey I was unclear about most things (as every person’s cloud is new to me). I went through my own journey as a front-end dev of a…More